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As well as pressure washing driveways in Kent, we are frequently asked to clean and seal patios as well. Patios do not generally have as much wear and tear as driveways, simply because they do not have cars running back and forth every day. However, they are often constructed using very porous materials such as sandstone or limestone. These porous surfaces end to attract the growth of moss and algae which can make a patio area look quite unsightly.

We use special rotary header patio cleaners to clean your patio. The pressure washers will quickly remove dirt, moss and algae from the patio to make it look like a recently laid surface. Sometimes it may be necessary to pre-treat the patio area with a fast acting weedkiller or fungicidal wash if the patio is covered in weeds or algae that may be difficult to remove using only a pressure washer.

After a thorough clean of you patio, we can apply multiple coats of patio sealer from Smartseal to ensure your patio is fully protected from wear and tear. The patio sealer will also help to keep you patio free from moss and algae as it wil make the patio non porous.

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For a FREE patio cleaning quote in Kent or South East London please fill in our online enquiry form or call 0800 988 0348. Patio cleaning and sealing is available in Maidstone, Canterbury, Tonbridge, Tunbridge Wells, Dover, Ashford, Herne Bay, Sittingbourne, Sevenoaks and many other towns across Kent.

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